How to find Duplicate characters in given String in Java?

Problem Description :

Write a program in Java that prints all duplicate characters in a String. For example  "Java" has one duplicate character 'a'.

Algorithm :

We are using below steps for creating Java program.
  1. Convert original String to character Array.
  2. Remove all duplicate characters from String by converting String to Set.
  3. Get new String by converting Set (from Step 2) to String.
  4. Convert String (from Step 3) to character Array.
  5. If original String and new String are same then there is no duplicate character in original String otherwise go to Step 6.
  6. One by one check all characters of new String with Original String. If count > 1 it means duplicate characters present in String.

Java Program :

Output :

Case 1 :

Output of Java program that prints duplicate characters in given string - Case1
Output - Duplicate characters present in given String.

Case 2 :

Output of Java program that prints duplicate characters in given string - Case2
Output - Duplicate characters not present in given String.

References :

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  1. Hello Rohit,

    Can't we solve this problem in little simpler and short way.
    Because we have to just count the number of characters that are repeated.
    Can't we do it just using HashMap().
    If we then the solution will become very small and easy to understand.
    May be I am wrong. Please update me on this

    1. Hi Piyush,

      We have to print duplicate characters in String. Yes, we can do this problem using HashMap() but I don't think so that is short and simple because we have to perform following steps.

      1) Break string into characters.
      2) Found the count corresponding to each character -> To achieve this we need nested loop.
      3) Take character as a Key and character count as a value, then store it into HashMap().
      4) In HashMap() check for which Key , Value is greater than 1 and finally print Keys.

      If you have any better approach to solve this problem using HashMap() please share with us. I will be more happy to see your approach :)

    2. Hello Rohit

      I think we can solve this problem using following steps,
      HashMap map,
      for i=0, i<length(string), i++

    3. I don't know the exact function name but I think we can do it in this manner.
      Please response..
      Thank you.

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  3. Rohit bhai appke hashset article mere interview clear me kaam aaya. Sir ji aapka bahut thanks.


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