How to convert Date to ZonedDateTime in Java?

Problem Description :

Write a program in Java that converts current Date to ZonedDateTime.

Concept :

Date class is present in java.util.* package and ZonedDateTime class is present in java.time.* package that is part of Java 8 API.  This conversion is very useful for large projects because it is a very basic problem that you should be aware.

Note : Java 8 is required to run below code because ZonedDateTime class is in Java 8 API.

Java Program :

Output :

Output of Java program that converts Date to ZonedDateTime.
Output - How to convert Date to ZonedDateTime in Java?

Similar Problem :

How to convert given Date to ZonedDateTime in Java?

Solution - This is very simple first of all Convert given String to Date and rest is same as above.

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