Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1 : Who is the author of this blog?

Answer : Currently there is only one author Rohit Agarwal.

Ques 2 : How can we connect with author?

Answer : Follow us 

You can also contact us by sending email. Contact us.

Ques 3 : In which language code is written?

Answer :  All codes are available in Java language.

Ques 4: Do we have to pay anything for the codes?

Answer :  No, our all codes are 100% free.

Ques 5 : Do you have any Forum for discussion?

Answer : Yes, we have forum. Please click here and start discussion.

Ques 6 : How to get all the updates directly in the inbox?

Answer : Please subscribe us, after that you will get all the latest updates directly in your inbox.

Ques 7 : Is there any online Java compiler available where we can check the results?

Answer : Yes, there is wonderful compiler provided by TutorialPoints. Please click here to compile your Java programs.

Ques 8 : Which Java IDE you are using to compile and run Java codes?

Answer : We are using Eclipse Java EE IDE and version is Mars Release (4.5.0).

Ques 9 : Which Java version you are using ?

Answer : We are using Java 8.

Ques 10 : What to do if I have any doubt in the code that is available in the site?

Answer : No problem, your doubt is our headache. We will definitely clear it. You can ask your doubt using following ways.

Ques 11 : What types of problems will be covered by this site?

Answer : We will cover all programming problems (basic to advanced level) that currently exist or come in future.

Ques 12 : What all topics you will cover?

Answer : We will cover following topics.
  • Project Euler Problem Series
  • Base Conversion Problems
  • Date and Time Problems
  • Pattern Problems
  • Validation Problems
  • Number Problems
  • String Problems
  • Array Problems (1D, 2D)
  • Data Structure Problems
  • Commonly asked Interview Questions.
and much more...

Ques 13 : I want solution of one programming problem in Java. Will you help me?

Answer : Yes, we will definitely help you. E-mail us your problem, we will share the solution with you.

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